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YOU are your best investment. Make it!

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What does success mean to you?

My one-to-one leadership coaching sessions are aimed at helping female executives cultivate habits that guarantee excellence in work and life. Let's smash the glass ceiling — the TRANSFORMATION begins with YOU!

As a coach, I help my clients identify their core drivers, and align with their strengths so that they can become the most effective leaders they can be.

I focus on emerging trends in Leadership, Resilience, and Positive Psychology. Using my unique skills and knowledge, I help my clients become intentional Leaders in their own lives, as well as revolutionary Leaders in the evolving world of business.

Are you…?

  • Feeling like an imposter, although you've been handed a new and exciting leadership role?

  • Constantly second-guessing yourself when you have a super idea?

  • Dreading standing up and presenting your ideas and receiving feedback?

  • Feeling overwhelmed by work and shuffling from one deadline to another?

  • Hearing your inner critic too often?

  • Worried that you've lost the spark and sight of who you are and what's most important?

Then, partner with me to…

  • Understand who you are and what makes you tick

  • Streamline your thinking and priorities

  • Define your direction, goals, and values

  • Set a step-by-step action plan to achieve your aspirations 

  • Adopt a growth mindset

  • Bravely embrace change, take action, and adopt a new behavior

  • Build a healthy work-life balance 

  • Lead with confidence

  • Skillfully manage stress and anxiety


I highly recommend connecting with Gesa Bohn if you want a personalized, self-directed coaching style to improve leadership performance and quality of life.

I have had a life-changing experience working with Gesa. I reached out for her coaching in the second year of the pandemic after recognizing my approach at work was causing burnout for myself and my team. She has helped me become a more impactful leader and a better version of myself.

Hannah Lesser, Director Demand Planning, Bayer

The Transformation I Guarantee

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Radical Confidence
Elevated Energy
Optimal Performance

Conquer the overwhelm by harnessing your inherent strengths, self-belief, and self-worth to lead with confidence.

Spark and sustain your optimal energy & embrace your feminine power through training, self-mastery of the mind & body, and focusing on what's important to you.

Grow into the more energized, focused & authentic version of yourself to succeed in your personal & professional life. Make excellence a habit!

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Ignite Your Inner Leader

  • Take back control of your life and career by first exploring your vision and aspirations

  • Foster practices that will take you to the peak of your physical, emotional, and mental well-being and health, which all lead to optimal performance

  • Move towards harnessing your feminine energy to lead with purpose and authenticity

  • Train you to break free of stress and limiting beliefs that hold you back

  • Enhance your presence and confidence to reclaim your inherent strengths and self-worth

A More Revitalized You

Young Businesswomen

As an entrepreneur, professional athlete, Executive Coach and Corporate Facilitator with almost two decades of experience in the corporate sector, nothing excites me more than nurturing leaders and human potential! With an emphasis on positive psychology and holistic change that transforms the body and mind, I work with you to create a personalized lifestyle plan to help you conquer specific obstacles in your career and life.


Besides helping you discover and define your personal and professional goals, I will also relentlessly support you with the tools and strategies necessary to realize and sustain them. Think of me as a partner who will support you with inspirational challenges and provide the motivation to maintain your commitment and accountability to your growth and success.

How to get started


Book a free consultation to identify what you want to change and what's holding you back. Discover who you want to become!


If you want to reach your full potential, partner with me to strategize a step-by-step plan to achieve your goals & aspirations.


Enjoy one-to-one coaching sessions, regular feedback, and inspiration to keep up & sustain the momentum as you work towards our plan.


Gesa is a powerful executive coach — she really listens to her clients, has a high level of emotional intelligence, is passionate about helping people, and is very authentic.

Darcy Smith, Chief People Officer, Custom Ink

Coaching Contact Form


Whether it is leadership coaching, corporate facilitation, or training, I will run you through what I do, why I do it, and how it will work for you. Connecting will also allow me to answer any of your questions. If you'd prefer to take the direct route, please email

Thanks for getting in touch! I'll follow up with you shortly.

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